"Metal is an intriguing material to work with. I love its strength and enduring qualities which, together with its  paradoxical malleability, presents me with endlessly absorbing challenges. I am fascinated by the transforming nature of jewellery when worn, and my pieces are designed specifically to complement the wearer.


I gather design references from many sources but am particularly drawn to historical buildings, celtic and medieval art  and antique armour.   Balance and  proportion  are key elements in all my designs and are reflected in the classic shapes and subtle textures of my collections"




Alison Flanders has over 30 years’ experience designing and hand-crafting silver and gold jewellery. After graduating from Middlesex University in 1976 with a BA Hons degree in 3D Design, Alison moved to New York where for many years she ran her own jewellery business. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s she also held a number of teaching positions in colleges of art in New York City, including the prestigious Parsons New School of Design. Her work has been exhibited at numerous events throughout North America and the UK, including the American Crafts Council Show, Philadelphia Museum Show, American Craft Exposition, New York International Gift Fair and the Chelsea Craft Show and Dazzle in the UK.


In 2005, Alison relocated back to London and is now based at Cockpit Arts in Holborn where she continues to enjoy being a designer-maker. Using sterling silver with 18ct gold, precious and semi-precious stones and pearls to make work of quality and style. Each piece is individually hand-crafted using traditional metalsmithing techniques to create elegant, timeless and beautifully wearable jewellery.